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Thanks for helping my son speed up his healing process from a severely sprained ankle. In two sessions this kiddo could feel the results and regained more mobility and flexibilty. Highly recommend Robin and Shockwave therapy! She helped my son and I understand the impact to his ankle and the rest of his legs and hips. Thank you!

-- Joni S.

Robin is a knowledgeable and thoughtful practitioner. She genuinely cares and that really adds to the healing experience. The shockwave sessions I had made lasting positive improvements in my elbow, calves and hips. Her massage treatments have greatly helped my mobility and lessened my pain. I am so gratefully to have found such a talented practitioner. Thank you Robin! See you again soon.

-- April P.

I highly recommend Shockwave Therapy!

I’m only 21 years old and I have MS with spasms in my right hand. By going and seeing Robin my spasms and pain has greatly decreased! Shockwave therapy is a very positive opportunity that everyone should try!!!!

Robin is an amazing smart woman so you will not have any regret giving it an attempt.

-- Jamie S.

I was referred to Robin by Marie Neil's husband as I was diagnosed with a heel spur and plantar fasciitis. He told me it hurt like hell but was worth it. He was right.. as in it was totally worth it. In addition to getting Robin to work on my feet I also got her to work on my shoulders which always lock from one too many car accidents. After 2 treatments my feet hurt way less, my shoulders no longer felt like they were locking resulting in less headaches. A definite must for anyone with feet issues or old injuries that don't seem to go away. 10 out of 10 for service as well.

-- Laurie S.

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